Get ready for volleyball gym

A New Volleyball Gym

Let's build a volleyball gym in our area.

Likely in the West Linn/Tigard/Tualatin/Wilsonville area. We need a space.

The Vision

Get lots of kids in the gym. Build their love of volleyball. Have FUN. Teach them teamwork, discipline, and hard work. Things that they can take with them for the rest of their lives.

Volleyball courts are a must, sure. But let's add a training area for agility, conditioning, weights, and plyometrics.

Let's not stop there.

Envision a community component to it. Sort of a volleyball “Bonus room.” A space with comfy couches, drink machines, snacks, and games where volleyball kids can hang out in a positive safe place. Talk volleyball. Grow a community.

In addition to lessons and camps let's have training sessions and open gym times. Maybe a membership format where members can drop in to use the training area or have open court times. Volleyball parents could have memberships too and drop in while their kids are at school.

There are plenty of parents with fun memories of when they played volleyball back in the day. A Volleyball Mom's League?

Let’s have fun with this place. Crank up the music. How about we swap out volleyballs with a beach ball and have a game or two?

High demand for volleyball

As for demand, it’s nonstop. It’s increasing. I am amazed at the daily requests. Phone calls, texts, emails. Morning through the night.

Can you open another camp? Run training sessions? Do you have any more lesson slots opening? Can you run more during the fall? What are you going to have available during the club season?

We launched one summer camp. Now we have five. Most have filled up within days of going public. I have a waitlist.

A waitlist!

With all this coming my way and the long hours in the gym, I’m feeling more alive than I’ve felt in a very long time. Someone joked I should have a bed in the gym. Call me nuts. But after a long day of 6 lessons and a 2-hour practice, I come home energized believe it or not.

What is the meaning of volleyball?

At the end of the day, volleyball is not about the scoreboard or bad ref calls. It’s about the kids and their smiles.

I am thinking of one of my 12U players. Her name is KK. She is inspirational. She lost her dad this past Monday. KK is strong. That night in the ER she told me she still wanted to come to practice Wed…with a smile. What do you in that situation? I gave her a humongous hug.

We need a volleyball space for KK. I want to give her a lifetime pass. As I stood in that ER with her I decided it has to happen. For her and all the kids like her.

The space

I’ve been having discussions about finding land, getting investors, and building an amazing built-from-scratch facility. That could take a couple of million dollars at least. That would be amazing.

But I’m beginning to wonder if that is too long of a timeline. Those of you who know me realize that I take imperfect action. I get a great idea and I have to make it happen. When I get a great idea for a team strategy or training method I run with it. I don’t like analysis paralysis. If there’s a way to help kids I want to get it done. Now, today.

I have a vision. Get kids in the gym. Generate smiles.

I’m itching to find a warehouse or shell, put in some sport court, pop up a net, and open the doors. Maybe it’s not totally pretty. Maybe the airflow sucks. I’ll get some pink paint and lots of big fans. I wonder how many dollars it would take right now to make this happen. I have some savings. Not enough for the whole thing but it’s a start. There's got to be a way.

Along the way maybe we continue to explore a custom-built facility with more "Wow!" factor. But in the meantime, I need a space to get more smiles on kids’ faces….now.

What I need is your support and a team to help me.

Who’s IN?

With excited vision,
Coach Chijo

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