PVC volleyball coach chijo final message to his 12-Pink team

Coach Chijo’s end-of-season message to his volleyball team

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The end of a club volleyball season is always bittersweet.

The team is gelling, as many coaches say. Yay!

The team is peaking and playing so well. Yay!

And then we have no more games. No more practices. Boo!

But if you ask me I'll take both the "bitter" and "sweet" because you can't have one without the other. It was so fun watching the kids play with so much heart and enthusiasm towards the end. They "got" it.

Finally. Yay!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the opportunity to coach you all this past season!!

I'm getting a little teary but it's a good feeling. A feeling of accomplishment. The team achieved! All that hard work and sustained discipline paid off in a positive way.

So many smiles on their faces. You can't ask for more.

I sat back and watched as the kids were goofing off at our end-of-season party/picnic this week. One word popped into my head. Together. They looked so, so together. They looked like they could continue playing games and tournaments until they were using walkers and I was in a very, very old age senior home.

But life must go on. New experiences. New teams. New teammates.

I hope they cherish the memories, continue to train with purpose, and fail when they must, and after tons of perseverance, attain their life goals.

And while you're at it, enjoy yourself. Live with Heart. Live Smart. Have Fun!

Go Pink!

Coach Chijo

P.S. You are forever Pinksters so keep that Pinkster Cheer safe in your heart...Forever.