In-Season Volleyball Lesson Application 2023-2024

During the upcoming 2023-2024 club season we will have extremely limited gym availability and therefore lesson slots will be at a premium. If you are interested in lessons during the season please fill out the following application.

We will only have a handful of hours primarily on Weekends, "No School," and "Early Release" days. It will be extremely rare to have times after school on weekdays.

All applications will be treated on a case-by-case basis. Sorry, we won't be able to accommodate everyone. On the flip side, once the season ends I will again have more lessons times.

The following criteria will be heavily considered.

  1. Athletes who have previously trained with us and have shown a high level of grit and the ability to train at a fast pace.
  2. Athletes with a strong "Why" (see application). We need to know more than the usual "I want to get better at volleyball." WHY do you want to train and WHY is this extremely important for you as it relates to a bigger picture and/or future volleyball goals?
  3. Athletes willing to put in serious work, make adjustments, and go ALL OUT.

NOTE - Please sit down with your athlete to fill this out together.